Gomer Press are specialists in colour printing, working with some of the most prestigious and exacting Fine Art Publishers in the UK. You are very welcome to contact us for a selected client list.

We run a state of the art Heidelberg XL106 B1 four colour LE-UV press.

Printing UV (using specially formulated inks that dry instantly under ultraviolet light) gives us huge benefits in being able to turn round jobs quickly, since sheets can be folded as soon as they are printed. There is also no “dry back”, so you see the final result instantly on press.

More importantly there are significant benefits in terms of the printed product.

On coated stocks UV eliminates the need for seal varnish or an in-line coating which can flatten colours. We use gloss inks which give vibrant results even on matt stocks, achieving results much like spot varnish without the need for extra plates or extra cost.

On uncoated stocks the benefits of UV are even more striking. Uncoated papers are much more porous and traditional litho inks absorb into the surface, leading to a significant flattening of colours. UV inks dry instantly meaning more of the colour stays on the surface giving a far superior print result to conventional litho.

Coated papers are run at 200lpi, and uncoated papers at 175lpi screen ruling.

We run to ISO14267 colour standards and use the most up-to-date Fogra 51 (coated) and Fogra 52 (uncoated) profiles. If you are converting images to CMYK you should contact us and we will send you the correct ICC profiles.
It is not strictly necessary to convert from RGB as our prepress software will automatically convert to CMYK prior to plate output.

For many of our customers we simply receive files, output the required type of content proofs and go to press.

However we are also able to output inkjet proofs calibrated for colour, or receive contract proofs from repro houses and match to these on press.

We can also undertake repro and colour correction work where required.

We prefer to receive CMYK files for colour work and if converting from RGB the correct ICC profile should be used (contact us)

However, our prepress software will automatically convert from RGB to CMYK where required. RGB PDFs for print do not cause problems, but colours inevitably do change in the conversion process.

In rare cases (eg some photography) it can be beneficial to maintain the RGB colourspace and “include all tagged profiles” on the principle that the images are kept as close to source right the way through prepress, and only converted to CMYK at plate output stage.