Colour Repro

Gomer Press offer a repro service to Fine Art clients which includes colour correction and photoshop work.

This is based on an hourly rate or a page rate.

Our normal process is that clients retain control of their Indesign files and page layouts, while Gomer work on the images.

It is very important that this distinction remains clear through the process to avoid confusion and duplication of effort.

Client retains control of Indesign files.
Gomer have control of images.
Image names / link names must not be changed after handover of images.

The normal process is :

Gomer take in images from our client. We make adjustments based on client instructions (if any) and supply 1st round colour accurate inkjet proofs with the correct Fogra profile.

On receipt our client marks up the proofs with any required colour corrections, eg brighten, increase contrast, increase yellow, remove blemish etc etc. Some images may be correct first time round in which case they are considered passed for press.

Gomer then undertake 1st round corrections and supply 2nd round inkjets where needed. Again these are either passed or marked with further changes and the process is repeated until we have a full set of inkjet proofs that our client is happy with.

During this process our client is usually working on their Indesign files, so the final stage is to link the client’s final Indesign with our images, which is done at Gomer.

We will then supply positional proofs (hardcopy ozalids/lasers or softproofs) for sign off before printing.

On sign off we will supply print PDFs and final Indesign with all colour corrected images back to our client via wetransfer.

The client sends back the approved colour proofs and we match to these on press.

If you would like to discuss your repro requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.