Proofing options

This page is a guide to the proofing options available at Gomer Press.

Softproofs (aka digital ozalids or PDF proofs). These are PDF file proofs that have been processed through our prepress software and will highlight any potential issues caused by font corruption or incorrect transparency settings. Problems are very uncommon indeed if print-ready PDFs are prepared correctly. This is the quickest form of proofing because we do not need to wait on postal services and proofs can be shared on the web in multiple locations. To keep file sizes manageable softproofs are sometimes low res. This means you will see pixelation in images which is normal and no cause for concern. If you have actual low res images in your files our pre-flight checks will pick this up and we will warn you. It is very important to have “use overprint preview” set to “always” in Adobe Acrobat to view softproofs. This can normally be found in “preferences”.

Laser proofs (aka content proofs or positional proofs or ozalids or plotters) These are basic hardcopy proofs that are intended only for checking content. Many people still prefer to check on paper rather than on screen. These proofs are not intended to show colour accurately, nor image quality, nor paper quality. As with softproofs print-ready files are processed through our prepress software before being output so that any potential issues can be spotted. There is no need to return laser proofs to Gomer prior to printing. Please note that we are not able to supply traditional folded section plotters.

Inkjet proofs (aka Epson proofs, aka digital cromalins, aka press proofs aka Sherpas) These proofs are colour calibrated to the press, measured on output with an inline spectrophotometer and highly accurate for colour and image quality… but not paper. Our standard COATED (Fogra 51) proofing paper is Heidelberg Saphira semi-gloss 200gsm, and this is used whether your job is printed on gloss, silk, satin or matt paper. These proofs are quite glossy, and this should be borne in mind if printing on matt/silk papers. Standard proofing paper for jobs on UNCOATED (Fogra 52) is Saphira Heidelberg uncoated matt 180gsm. Inkjet proofs should be returned to Gomer prior to printing so that they can be matched to on press. If you have concerns about colour or image quality, outputting a few pages to inkjet proof before printing is a very good idea. We accept press proofs from 3rd parties to match to on press (ie repro houses), but request that they include sign off strips to verify calibration to ISO/FOGRA standards. We can still match to press proofs supplied to Fogra 39/47 (older standards) if required.

Wet proofs These are the most expensive and most accurate form of proofs. They are expensive because they are printed on the B1 XL106 press on the actual stock that will be used on the job. They are therefore accurate for content, colour, image quality and paper stock. Because of the cost we only rarely output this type of proof. When it is necessary we can output images rather than pages from the book, so that more content will fit on a B1 sheet. This is what is known as a scatter proof. One advantage of wet proofs is that multiple copies of the same sheet do not cost extra. They are output on a press that runs at 18,000 sheets per hour!

Running sheets  (aka F&Gs = folded and gathered [sections])   These are not proofs at all but are often confused with proofs when they arrive. Running sheets are a set of folded and gathered and trimmed sections, produced after the job has been fully printed and folded, but before binding. Really running sheet stage is too late to be making corrections, but a problem or an error spotted here is a lot cheaper to fix than reworking entire books! We don’t always send out running sheets, but often do to give our clients the chance to review production quality and content one last time before the books go on our binding lines.

NB, we tend to treat F&Gs and running sheets as synonymous, but if you require running sheets untrimmed and with colour bars from the press still in place, please let us know well in advance.