This is the view from our factory in Llandysul. Not surprisingly it gives us a sense of the value of the environment we operate in.

In late 2019 Gomer completed a major solar installation project covering 80% of the main roof area. We installed 668 275w panels which cover an active area of 1102m2. Under optimal conditions the system will generate 184kw, which will go a long way towards powering the plant in summer time. The anticipated annual yield is 166,000kw. The annual saving in carbon emissions is expected to be 81 tonnes. The system has a 25 year warranty and a life expectancy of 40-55 years… so quite a big deal really.

Our modern manufacturing equipment is designed to eliminate many of the damaging processes historically involved in printing. Our presses run with reduced alcohol and our XL106 is specifically a low energy model, using approx 20% less than a conventional press. We are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council® and our paper is universally sourced from sustainable forests so our clients can be confident that printing with us is not costing the earth.

• All hazardous waste is collected by a registered waste carrier in compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005) the majority is recycled.
• All aluminium printing plates are recycled.
• All paper waste from production and office paper waste is recycled.

Gomer Press also commit to:
• Ongoing compliance with all relevant national and international standards.
• Training staff to increase environmental awareness.
• Measurement and regular review of material usage.
• Ongoing reduction of the potential pollution hazard from site operations.
• Follow best practice in waste management and recycling.
• Implement energy reduction measures and regular review of energy usage.
• Make energy usage a key factor in investment decisions.

We have been accredited to the Green Dragon Environmental standard – level 2

Please contact us for FSC® mixed sources logos if you are printing with us.

If you’d like to see a copy of our FSC certificate click here.