Sourcing paper can be very complicated, but the team at Gomer are on hand to try and find the best solution for your project. Factors such as lead time and available grain direction come into play, alongside price and availability, and of course getting the best printed result and feel.

Generally colours will bring brighter on coated papers (using Fogra 51) but the appeal of uncoated papers (using Fogra 52) is the wonderful feel of paper fibres without any coating. UV inks improve colour results on uncoated papers, but the end result will always be flatter than coated.

Coated papers : include gloss, silk (satin/velvet) and matt. Modern gloss and silk papers tend to be triple coated whereas matt papers can be quite lightly coated, and are often a good option for book work in conjunction with gloss UV inks.

Gomer use well-known brands such as Claro and Galerieart for gloss and silk, and either Arctic Matt or Galerieart Matt for matt.
Higher bulk matt papers such as Claro Bulk and Arctic Volume are also available.

Uncoated papers : These fall mainly into two categories, white offsets and bookwoves.

For white offsets Gomer use Edixion, UPM fine, or similar alternatives.
We generally specify Munken papers for bookwoves.
80gsm is stocked by Gomer in Munken Premium Cream vol 17.5 and Munken Premium White vol 17.5. Other Munken sheets are available from mill stock.

We are also able to source the Munken Design range (Pure, Lynx, Polar, Krystall), and Pergraphica which is an equivalent from Mondi.

Gomer Press are able to source paper from all the main merchants operating in the UK, so if you have a specific sheet in mind please let us know.

Paper availability categories are as follows:
Stock : This is paper held in the UK by merchants and generally available quickly on 1-2 day delivery. Most smaller jobs will use stock paper.
Wharf stock : Paper held in the UK, but by the mill rather than merchant. This is available within 2-3 days.
Mill stock : This is paper held at the mill in Europe in stock sizes. Generally mill stocks are held in both long and short grain. Mill stock paper can only be bought in full pallet quantities and only in specific sheet sizes (so this is not a bespoke making). Mill stock availability is currently very unpredictable.
Cutter reel makings : This is paper that is sheeted to a bespoke size from cutter reels held at mill. Because the paper is already made (and just needs conversion from reels to sheets) lead times can be much quicker than makings, typically 2 weeks. However cutter reel availability is currently very unpredictable.
Mill makings : This paper is made to order at mill. Historically lead times have been 3-6 weeks, but currently lead times are 2-3 months or more due to supply chain issues and backlogs. Cost savings on cutter reel and mill makings can be very significant on certain larger jobs, especially where standard stock sizes involve a lot of trim waste.

Because of the current extended lead times and unpredictability, it is important to plan well in advance where possible!