With the current uncertainty in relation to Brexit, Gomer Press are working with all our suppliers to ensure our operation can continue smoothly.

Printing plates – our supplier doesn’t foresee any problems with getting plates into the UK. They come from Holland and they anticipate that it may take a day or two longer to get the supplies through customs. To counteract this they have started increasing their stocks in the UK. We are also buying in an extra month’s worth of plate stocks to hold here at Gomer as a precaution.

Paper – We send the majority of our paper orders daily to our 2 main suppliers and deliveries are made the following morning from UK warehouses. We do not anticipate a problem with these orders and the merchants are increasing their stocks in the UK ready for Brexit. Unfortunately we do not have the space to store more paper than we currently. Special makings and non-stock items might take longer to get into the UK so any orders requiring these papers may take a couple of days longer. We would advise that customers allow a couple of days extra for production in these cases.

Inks – We have been told that there shouldn’t be any issues purchasing ink as these are supplied form a UK warehouse. We are however increasing our stocks over the next couple of months to ensure we don’t run out.

We intend to update this page as more information becomes available.